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Weight: 12lb
Width: 6in
Height: 6in
Length: 13in
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The Jac-Loc belly dump locking system is a patented locking system for bottom dump rock trailers. This simple yet effective lock prevents belly dump trailers from opening unexpectedly and dumping their load along the highway. If you own and/or operate a belly dump rock trailer you either have or will lose your load at some point in time, which leads to costly clean up and repair bills. Don't let it happen to you. Install the Jac-Loc system on your trailer today, and easily engage or disengage the locking mechanism from the comfort of your cab. Unlike manual locking systems, the Jac-Loc can be operated by a simple switch mounted inside of the truck cab.

It is safe, secure and easy to install (See Installation Instructions).

Included in the kit: Lock, Actuator, Brackets and Instructions Manual.

Requirements: Wiring and switch not included. Some welding is required.

Installation Time: Approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour.